Two years: 360 degrees

August 2016. Two years have passed since Operation Protective Edge – the most lethal round of hostilities in the Gaza Strip yet. In its wake, dozens of countries pledged to help reconstruct the Strip, with the supposed blessing and support of Israel. The official goal was to rebuild what had been destroyed and help promote economic recovery for the benefit of local residents, in an effort to achieve long-term stability in the region. Now is a good time to take stock and ask – has there been any improvement in the lives of Gaza residents? Do people have hope for the future?

In a special report, Gisha reviews and analyzes what has changed and what has not. The report focuses on three major topics: Reconstruction, movement of goods, and movement of people into and out of Gaza Strip. The road to recovery in Gaza is long and demands substantial changes in Israeli policy on movement. Read the report for a review of the situation on the ground and what measures could be taken to improve recovery efforts.

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