Statement by Gisha Executive Director, Tania Hary, at the UN Security Council

On November 21, Gisha Executive Director Tania Hary addressed the United Nations Security Council in New York City. Hary, who was invited to brief the Council on the situation in the Gaza Strip, stressed the heavy damage – to the economy, society, families, and well-being – caused by the sweeping access restrictions Israel imposes on Palestinians, particularly in relation to movement between Gaza and the West Bank, as part of the “separation policy”. While “certain practices” in Israel’s  permit regime “have changed” over time, Hary explained, “the overall picture remains the same: Israel believes that it can ‘manage’ the humanitarian situation in Gaza; it has an interest in maintaining the physical and political fragmentation of Palestinians, which allows it to pursue annexation in the West Bank.”

“Many people in Israel may see my appearance here today as an act of disloyalty, because we’ve been taught that it’s us or them,” Hary said. “In fact, it’s just the opposite. The well-being of Israelis and Palestinians is interlinked and we should address Palestinian security just as much as we address Israeli security.”

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