One year of “coronavirus closure” at Erez Crossing One year of “coronavirus closure” at Erez Crossing
March 18, 2021. This month marks one year since the start of the pandemic, 12 months during which even the world’s strongest economies and healthcare systems were pushed to the brink. Years of closure and severe, sweeping restrictions imposed by Israel on movement of people and goods to and from Gaza meant that residents of the Strip faced the global crisis with a deficient health system and failing economy. Read More »

Israel’s obligation to Gaza in a pandemic and post-pandemic reality Israel’s obligation to Gaza in a pandemic and post-pandemic reality
Israel is obligated to protect the health and safety of all people living under its control, including by ensuring that the vaccine is available in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. This will necessarily require close cooperation with Palestinian authorities and the international community, but their involvement does not absolve Israel from its ultimate responsibility toward Palestinians living under occupation. Where needed, Israel must contribute to covering the cost of the vaccine and its distribution, unconditionally. Read More »


Discrimination by Default Discrimination by Default
To mark International Human Rights Day, Gisha is proud to release a gender analysis of Israel’s permit regime in Gaza. Israel’s official policy on travel by Palestinians to and from the Strip is detailed in the “Status of Authorizations,” a document produced by Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). The criteria listed in the document and its numerous ancillary procedures dictate the few and narrow circumstances in which Palestinians are eligible to apply for a travel permit from Israel. Read More »

The tightening of the closure on Gaza under the guise of the pandemic The tightening of the closure on Gaza under the guise of the pandemic
In early March 2020, Israel severely tightened existing restrictions on movement of people to and from Gaza against the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak. Unlike in Israel itself and in the rest of the world, where temporary lockdowns have been eased and sometimes reinstated, for seven months Israel has continued to limit exit from Gaza to patients in need of urgent medical care and their companions, with rare exceptions. As a result, traffic at Erez Crossing has plummeted to just 3% of what it was at the beginning of 2020. Read More »

Double Lockdown Double Lockdown
Double Lockdown, a report released by Gisha, examines how years of sweeping movement restrictions combined with pandemic closures have impacted the local job market and purchasing power. Read More »

Watch: Gaza Policy Forum 2020 Watch: Gaza Policy Forum 2020
In September 2020, Gisha convened a group of Israeli, Palestinian and international stakeholders for the Gaza Policy Forum. The purpose of the forum was to discuss the situation in the Gaza Strip and distill recommendations for actions that would advance solutions to Gaza’s urgent needs, help improve living conditions, and safeguard human rights. Read More »

Gaza Up Close Gaza Up Close
High unemployment; long blackouts, severe shortages of clean water, limited economic opportunities; a very young, educated population with immense potential, and a closure that undermines their chances of succeeding. This is life in Gaza today. Read More »

Kerem Shalom Crossing – New Factsheet Kerem Shalom Crossing – New Factsheet
Kerem Shalom Crossing, Gaza’s main commercial access point to the West Bank, Israel and the world, is a critical lifeline for its two million residents. More than 80 percent of the goods entering the Strip, in terms of value, are purchased from Israeli companies and suppliers. Gaza relies on Kerem Shalom Crossing for trade, particularly with its natural and historically most significant target markets, the West Bank and Israel, but also for access to markets abroad. Read More »

Changes to Gaza’s fishing zone implemented by Israel in 2019 Changes to Gaza’s fishing zone implemented by Israel in 2019
In 2019 alone, Israel reduced the “fishing zone” it enforces in Gaza’s sea space nine times. In four of these instances, Israel barred access to the sea completely. Throughout the year, Gaza’s fishermen were notified of changes to Israel’s demarcation of the zone where they are allowed to fish 19 times. Read More »

Gaza Strip Map Gaza Strip Map
A new and updated map published by Gisha in January 2020 emphasizes the spatial dimensions of Israel’s ongoing control over Gaza, and the means by which Israel denies movement of people and goods. The map includes data and background on the crossing points with Israel and Egypt, the “fishing zone” enforced by Israel in Gaza’s territorial waters, and the “buffer zone” it imposes along the barrier separating Gaza from Israel. Read More »


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