Following the opening of Rafah Crossing, Gisha’s new animated film asks: Have we really disengaged from Gaza?

Gisha releases new animated film

Tue., May 31, 2011 – Following the opening of Rafah Crossing, Gisha today released an animated film questioning common perceptions about Israel’s disengagement from Gaza and the closure of the Strip. The film, which will be shared online through social media networks, challenges the commonly held belief that Israel no longer exercises control over Gaza and does not bear responsibility for what goes on there – an opinion voiced ever more strongly since the opening of Rafah. The film also looks at the way in which the ongoing closure policy mainly harms the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.

The film, created by animator Anna Shevchenko, is produced in the style of the “Geva newsreels” that were shown in Israeli movie theaters in the 1950s and 1960s.

Gaza Facts: Everything you wanted to know about the closure
The film was created as part of Gisha’s effort to initiate an informed public discussion of Israel’s policy towards Gaza. To accompany the film, Gisha is also releasing a “cheat sheet” providing concise answers to commonly asked questions about Gaza, such as: what is the economic situation in Gaza today? Is there a food shortage in the Strip? Exactly what travel restrictions does Israel currently impose on residents of Gaza? The cheat sheet is available on Gisha’s website and will be regularly updated.

The cheat sheet presents Gisha’s position that the opening of Rafah is a welcome improvement in Gaza residents’ access to the outside world but does not detract from Israel’s obligation to allow regular travel between Gaza and the West Bank. The Palestinian territory shares a single economy, a single education system, a single healthcare system and countless familial, cultural and social ties, and Palestinians have the right to travel and live in both parts of the territory.

Watch the film here:

Read Gisha’s “cheat sheet” here