New online film marking two years of Gaza closure: It’s not a reality show – It’s reality

Wed., June 17, 2009 – “Lift the closure – give life a chance” is the message of a new online film released today by eight human rights organizations in Israel to mark the two years of closure that Israel has imposed on the Gaza Strip.

In the 60-second online film released today, the organizations claim that two years of tight closure have not provided security but rather created a situation in which both sides lose, Palestinians and Israelis. The film is posted online and is being disseminated through social networking sites and blogs in Israel and around the world.

Since June 2007, Israel has tightened the closure of the Gaza Strip, almost completely preventing passage of goods and people to and from the Strip. “The policy of the closure has harsh consequences for 1.5 million people who are prevented from realizing basic rights,” say the organizations. “Israel must lift the closure of the Gaza Strip for the betterment of both sides”.

Participating organizations:
Gisha -Legal Center for Freedom of Movement
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Physicians for Human Rights – Israel 
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel 
Yesh Din