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Following petition by Gisha, four Palestinian citizens of Israel living in Gaza were allowed to return home to the Strip amid the coronavirus closure
HCJ 2442/20 M. A. et al. v. GOC Southern Command (filed April 7, 2020) Read More »

Following petition: Israel allows Palestinian from the West Bank and her daughter to return to their home through the Allenby Bridge border crossing
AP 36588-03-20 R. S. et al., v. Civil Administration in the West Bank et al. (March 17, 2020) Read More »

Israel refused to let a Palestinian citizen of Israel enter the Gaza Strip to reunite with her spouse
HCJ 1481/18 N. J. et al. v. GOC Southern Command et al. (February 19, 2018), HCJ 1851/20 N. J. et al. v. GOC Southern Command et al. (filed March 9, 2020) Read More »

Following petitions by Gisha, the Gaza CLA retracts permit denials over alleged “invalid phone numbers” provided by permit applicants
AP 5897-07-19 (filed on July 2, 2019), AP 50133-01-20 (filed on January 21, 2020), AP 67380-02-20 (filed on February 26, 2020) Read More »

Following petition by Gisha, a Palestinian citizen of Israel entered Gaza with her four children to visit her father
HCJ 1419/20 W. T. v. Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories et al. (submitted February 20, 2020) Read More »

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