What are we campaigning for?

To allow students from Gaza to reach their studies in the West Bank in order to complete their degrees in gender studies, democracy and human rights.

Why is it important?

Because since the year 2000, students from Gaza have been prevented from reaching West Bank universities in a sweeping ban, on the claim that they form part of a “risk group”; this despite the fact that the High Court recommended the state devise a mechanism to screen requests from individual students.

Because in Gaza there are no programs in gender studies or democracy, and no doctorate degrees are offered at all.

Because nearly 4,000 exits of Palestinian residents of Gaza are recorded at the Erez Crossing, between Israel and Gaza, each month and more than half of them are businesspeople. Yet students are still not permitted to travel to study.

Because the advancement of women has positive implications everywhere, including in Gaza.

Because there is nothing dangerous about studying gender or democracy, just the opposite.

Because after 12 years, maybe it’s time to reconsider this policy.

On May 23rd, the High Court will hear arguments in a petition filed by the students against the state’s decision to refuse to allow them to travel to complete their studies.

How can you help? Here’s how:

1. Public attention to this issue can make a difference. Help us by sharing this page.
2. Ask your foreign minister to make access to the West Bank for Gaza’s students a priority.
3. Participate in a competition (there’s no prize, except glory)! Write a post about why you think it’s important to learn about democracy, human rights or gender studies on Facebook or Twitter and then tag us.
4. Join us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates.

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