Al-Ta’awun Concrete Factory

The Al-Ta’awun Concrete Factory was built in 1995 on 5000 m² next to the Nusseirat refugee camp in the middle of the Gaza Strip. The factory, whose manufacturing capacity is 80 m³ of concrete per hour, has three warehouses for cement, an area of 3000 m² for the storage of gravel, 10 concrete mixers and three concrete pumps.

Before 2000, the factory’s output was an average of 400 m³ of concrete a day. It supported 25 employees and participated in the construction of many projects in Gaza, in some of which it was also part owner with contracting companies. Since 2002, the factory’s output has gradually declined because of the instability in the opening of the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip through which raw materials needed for the production of concrete, such as cement and gravel, are transferred. The factory’s output reached 200 m³ a day in 2006. Abu Mohammed, one of the factory’s owners, said the factory was almost completely shut down for nearly three years after the Karni Crossing was closed on June 14, 2007. He, his partners and his employees were unemployed until June 2010, when Israel started to allow the transfer of small amounts of cement, gravel and steel into the Gaza Strip, for international organizations.

Until January 2011, the factory’s average output was 20 m³ per day – 10% of its output in 2006 and 5% of its capacity before the year 2000. Due to the entrance of a large quantity of building materials into the Gaza Strip through tunnels from Egypt and a drop in their prices, the factory’s output rose in February 2011 to an average of about 150 cubic meters of concrete per day. After work was paralyzed for years in most of the concrete factories in Gaza , in 2011 most of them went back to work thanks to the purchase of materials from the tunnels and participation in projects for international organizations. Their production is 35% of its level before the closure was tightened in 2007.

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