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water/ November 19, 2015

For over five months, the website of the Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) has been down. Information COGAT puts out is published on social media and only in English. This is what it looks like when hasbara (propaganda) replaces information an official government body is obligated to provide to the public

Protective Edge/ August 24, 2014

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a new communique entitled “Behind the Headlines: The Myth of an Israeli Siege on Gaza”. It’s worth reviewing some of their claims.

water/ June 3, 2010

One of the main questions that's been floating around (no pun intended) in relation to this week's events is whether there is a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip or not. Is Israel letting in enough stuff? Despite several years of attempts, including a Freedom...

water/ December 23, 2009

The closure of the Gaza Strip is tight enough to make life difficult for residents, but fences and checkpoints don't prevent viruses from passing through, as became apparent earlier this month. Despite predictions that the closure of Gaza might protect it from exposure to the Swine Flu, the virus was identified in the Gaza Strip two weeks ago, and already some 185 people have been diagnosed as infected, 13 of whom have died.