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Gaza sewage problem/ July 11, 2017

The ongoing electricity crisis in Gaza is impacting the coast, and not just in Gaza. Now, the fear is that what small efforts were made in recent years to make improvements to Gaza’s crumbling infrastructure may come to naught.

Movement of goods into Gaza/ March 23, 2017

Israeli authorities seized trucks transporting medical equipment into Gaza and refused to let the supplies enter the Strip. Why? Because of miniscule quantities of mercury contained in substances used to make dental fillings. Another small example of the endless absurdity called “the closure on Gaza.”

IDF Procedures/ August 31, 2016

After a long legal battle, COGAT was forced to translate documents to Arabic for the benefit of Palestinians, but produced meaningless texts

coriander/ January 31, 2016

The items Israel classifies as "dual-use"- that is, items that can be used for both civilian and military purposes - whose entrance to the Gaza Strip is restricted, is much broader than international standards dictate. In the balance between security needs and harm to civilian lives, it appears that Gaza residents don’t even figure.