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COGAT/ May 21, 2015

We asked the security establishment for information about the procedures for transit of goods from Gaza in the West Bank. Instead of procedures, we received a complex list of considerations. Surprisingly, none of them are related to security

West Bank/ April 26, 2015

In November 2014, Israel canceled the sweeping ban on sale of Gaza-made and grown goods in the West Bank. Against this backdrop, we gathered leading figures in five manufacturing sectors in Gaza in order to hear from them about the obstacles they face on the way to realizing their potential and about their hope for a better future.

West Bank/ January 20, 2015

The last year was one of the most difficult that Palestinian residents of Gaza have seen. Were there also flickers of hope for a fundamental change to the closure policy? The year in summary.

export/ November 17, 2014

In central Ramallah, a modest sign of progress toward reconnecting the two parts of the Palestinian territory: for the first time in seven years, fish from Gaza was sold in the West Bank.

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