Wednesday, September 9, 2015: This weekend (Sept. 11th) marks ten years since Israel removed its soldiers and civilians from inside the Gaza Strip after 38 years of permanent settlement. While Israel has retained control over the movement of people and goods into and out of Gaza, as well as other central aspects of civilian life there, the notion that the disengagement ended Israel’s responsibility for normal life in Gaza has been etched into Israeli public conception. Along with this collective disavowal of responsibility, many myths and misconceptions have also taken root – from “Gaza chose Hamas” to “they have Rafah” to “nothing and no one goes in and out”.

Ten Years Later” provides succinct information about what Gaza residents have endured during this past decade, facing Israel’s stifling closure, the dramatic political shifts in Egypt and the rift within Palestinian society. It also contains a brief overview of the decade’s events and facts to debunk ten common myths about the Gaza Strip.

This document offers practical information and analysis to understand the events and decisions that led us to where we are now. We believe there is still a chance to help stabilize the region and, most importantly, to reverse mistakes that have deprived Gaza’s 1.8 million residents of what every human being deserves –fundamental rights, a chance at a normal life and a worthwhile future.

A link to the document “Ten years Later” is available here.

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