Israel has never been a democracy: For decades, millions of Palestinians have lived under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, stripped of fundamental rights and denied basic freedoms. They are not represented in the Israeli parliament and cannot vote or otherwise influence the decision-making processes that shape and dictate every detail of their day-to-day lives. Palestinian and other citizens and residents of Israel, especially non-Jewish ones, have also been subjected to systemic discrimination and at times, much worse.

At this time of uncertainty and upheaval, Gisha continues to defend Palestinians’ fundamental right to freedom of movement between Gaza, Israel, the West Bank and abroad. The present legislative blitz, even if temporarily “frozen,” reflects the government’s intention to entrench a regime of Jewish supremacy and step up de jure annexation in the West Bank, which depends on deepening the isolation of Gaza.

Gisha joined the “pro-democracy” demonstrations in Israel as part of the Anti-Occupation Bloc to sound this message: There can be no democracy without human rights for all, including the right to freedom of movement. The fight for democracy must be rooted in the fight against occupation and apartheid.

To read more about our position regarding the demonstrations in Israel, click here.

Printable posters for your next protest

Gisha posters are available in Hebrew, English or Arabic at this link.

Printing options:

  • The posters can be printed at home, sized A4, or at a printer shop near you, sized A3.
  • To print a large poster at home, follow the instructions at this website or use Adobe Acrobat to split the selected poster into four A4 sheets, which can be stuck together.

Share it online

You can also download our posters as images and share them online. Feel free to reference the following slogans/messages:

  • There can be no democracy without human rights FOR ALL
  • Israel has never been a democracy: Millions of Palestinians under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank ≠ Democracy
  • No one is free until all are free: Israel’s closure on Gaza must be ended immediately
  • Israel’s ongoing closure on Gaza ≠ Democracy
  • The fight for democracy in Israel must be rooted in the fight against occupation and apartheid

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