S. was living alone in the Gaza Strip after her daughter immigrated to the US. After a tumor was found in her daughter’s head, S. wanted to travel to the US to care for her and her granddaughters. To complete the immigration process and receive the visa, she was required to attend an interview at the American embassy in Jerusalem. 

In December 2020, S. contacted the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) via the Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee (PCAC), asking for a permit to attend the interview and enclosing her daughter’s medical records. Gisha made an application at the same time, and the CLA said no application on S.’s behalf had been forwarded by the PCAC. After a second inquiry, the CLA responded that the application had been denied for failing to meet the criteria and had to be resubmitted. S. received a new interview date for April and filed another application.  

This time, the CLA did not respond at all, so Gisha filed a High Court petition (Hebrew) on behalf of S. on April 11, 2021. On April 18, 2021, before the petition was heard, the state said it would give S. the permit and allow her to travel to the embassy for the interview.