Sunday, October 24, 2021. One hundred locally- and internationally-active artists have come together in a fundraising campaign being launched today, #Right_to_Movement – a gesture of solidarity with residents of the Gaza Strip.

The fundraising campaign includes artworks donated by four generations of prominent local artists, Israelis and Palestinians. Among the artists participating are Israel Prize-winners Michal Neeman and Micha Ullman. Each artist donated one piece to the campaign, the proceeds of which will be donated to Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, which promotes the right to freedom of movement, particularly for Palestinian residents of Gaza.

Freedom of movement is a precondition for realizing other basic rights, such as the rights to family life, to livelihood, to health, and to dignity. Since it was founded in 2005, Gisha has assisted tens of thousands of Palestinians in overcoming severe and sweeping restrictions on movement imposed by Israel, which infringe on their human rights and impact countless aspects of everyday life in the Strip.

The #Right_to_Movement campaign is an initiative by Fountain Art Collective, headed by curators Guy-Guy Assif, Mosheh Yamo and Ahel Eden, together with the Culture of Solidarity group and in cooperation with Gelada Studio, who set up the campaign website. Two prints of each artwork will be available for purchase, most in four sizes, with prices ranging between 180-650 ILS (about 55-200 USD). At the end of the campaign, the artists will sign the works and the purchased prints will be delivered to their owners in Israel/Palestine, and abroad.

The participating artists:

Ala Haytham | Alma Itzhaky | Alona Friedberg | Alona Rodeh | Ahal Eden | Amit Levinger | Amit Mendel aka Autochrist | Anton Graznov | Asad Azi | Assi Meshullam | Avi Sabah | Aysha e Arar | Barr Zutra | Carolina Lehan | David Ginton | David Reeb | Deganit Berest | Diana Kogan | Doron Rabina | Durar Bacri | Efrat Rubinstein | Elham Rokni | Eli Petel | Eliran Dahan | Eran Nave | Fahed Halabi | Gabi Klasmer | Gal Volinez | Gilad Ratman | Gili Avissar | Goni Riskin | Guy Nechmad Stern | Hannan Abu-Hussein | Hanoch Wube | Harel Luz |Hinda Weiss | Ido Bar-El | Ido Gordon | Irit Hemmo | Itamar Stamler | Karen Dolev | Klone Yourself | Lali Fruheling | Lea Avital | Lenny Gaunt | Lobna Awidat | Maayan Shahar | Manar Zuabi | Maya Attoun | Maya Perry | Merav Kamel and Halil Balabin | Micha Ulman | Michal Bar-or | Michal Helfman | Michal Naaman | Miki Kratsman | Miri Segal | Mona Benyamin | Naama Arad | Naama Tsabar | Nahum Tevet | Naomi Siman-Tov | Nir Harel | Noa Yafe | Noa Yafe | Noy Haimovitz | Oded Jacob | Ohad Meromi | Or Shloman | Oren Fischer | Oren Ziv | Oz Malul | Roee Rosen | Ruth Patir | Ruti de Vries | Ruti Sela | Sasha Tamarin | Shachaf Levi | Shahar Yahalom | Shai Dror | Shai Yehezkelli | Shai-Lee Horodi | Shay-Lee Uziel | Shir Handelsman | Shir Lusky | Shir Wertheim | Shiri Tarko | Tamar Getter | Tamir Chen | Tamir Erlich | Tchelet Ram | Tomer Fruchter and Freedom Research Institute | Uri Gershuni | Uri Weinstein | Yael Meiry | Yair Garbuz | Yaqeen Ezaldien | Yoav Weinfeld | Yudith Levin | Yuval Robichek | Zoya Cherkassky