Dear friends,

Tomorrow is International Human Rights Day. To mark the occasion, I wanted to share a message with you from the Netherlands, as I reflect on my time here and my return back to Gaza.

For the past three months, I have been participating in a program run by Justice and Peace Netherlands called Shelter City for human rights defenders. I have been able to forget checkpoints and borders, to feel openness, carefreeness, and freedom. I dream that, one day, my children and the rest of Gaza’s two million residents will experience this too, at home, without having to leave. After almost three months away from home, I am now ready to go back and continue my work promoting human rights.

During my time in the Netherlands, I have met with other human rights defenders from all over the world, and their achievements have inspired me to keep working to realize my dream for Gaza.

Join us in promoting freedom of movement by making a contribution today.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for being a part of Gisha, and for your support. We wish you a Happy Human Rights Day, happy holidays, and are so glad to have you with us in the New Year. We look forward to sharing in our work and achievements with you.

All my best,

Mohammed Azaiza
Field Coordinator