In these challenging times, it can be easy to lose sight of the good and the good being done in the world. To mark 15 years since Gisha’s founding, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 achievements of which we are most proud. The importance of freedom of movement is more salient than ever to many around the world. Compiling this list has reminded us of why we do what we do, and none of it would be possible without your friendship and support.

  1. Helping thousands of people overcome travel restrictions to access education, healthcare, professional opportunities and to reunite with family.
  2. Reversing the ban on Palestinian students from Gaza studying abroad.
  3. Reversing the ban on Palestinian students from the West Bank studying in Israel.
  4. Exposing calculations of caloric needs and mathematical formulas used to determine food supply to Gaza for public scrutiny, ultimately bringing about the policy’s end and contributing to ending a ban on the entrance of most civilian goods into Gaza.
  5. Highlighting the impact of the closure on the lives of women in Gaza and advocating for policies that provide greater access to family, education and livelihoods.
  6. Ending the coercive practice of Israel denying access to life-saving medical treatment for family of alleged Hamas members.
  7. Removing restrictions on the entrance into Israel of Palestinian citizens and residents of Israel living in Gaza, including by successfully challenging a request for invasive genetic testing.
  8. Overturning stringent restrictions that prevented Palestinian citizens of Israel married to Gaza residents from relocating to live with their spouses following marriage, which in turn also meant all Israeli citizens can now request immediate relocation for non-citizen spouses.
  9. Successfully mainstreaming the legal principle that Israel’s continued control over Gaza creates continued responsibility, and promoting the functional approach to Israel’s obligations as an occupying power.
  10. Obtaining transparency regarding military policies by compelling the defense ministry to comply with Israel’s Freedom of Information Act and publish hundreds of previously unpublished directives, policies, and procedures.
  11. Briefing the UN Security Council in both 2015 and 2019, providing information and analysis on the situation in Gaza, and advocating for increased movement of people and goods.
  12. Overturning a 13-year blanket ban on the exit of processed foods from the Gaza Strip abroad.
  13. Protecting religious freedom by helping Muslims and Christians to travel to East Jerusalem and the West Bank to worship at holy sites during major holidays and celebrate with family.
  14. Creating high-impactinnovative visual products to bring forward the reality and voices of individuals from Gaza, particularly for Israeli and international audiences.
  15. Serving as a trusted source of information and analysis about Gaza for policy-makers, journalists, civil society groups and individuals.

We know that 2020 has been and continues to be a challenging year, and that not everyone is able to donate, even to the causes they believe in. If you believe in our work and are in a position to give, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation to Gisha to join us in promoting freedom of movement.