June 7, 2018. Gisha Executive Director Tania Hary and Field Coordinator Mohammed Azaiza were recently interviewed for two video-reports on the situation in Gaza produced by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and shared on his social media platforms.

“What we’re seeing right now is not the result of anything that happened overnight, it has a context,” says Hary. “At least the last 10 years of closure on the Gaza Strip, very harsh restrictions on movement which have caused undue suffering in the Strip, but certainly also the broader context of 50 years of occupation, 70 years without a resolution to the conflict.”

“Young people in Gaza are saying to the world: Look at us, see us, we’re part of the equation and we need to be part of the solution. It’s a shame that it’s only in times of violence and uprising that people remember that Gaza exists,” adds Hary.

“I can’t run my refrigerator, I can’t run the AC,” says Azaiza, as he describes everyday life in the Strip. “Life and death are equal for the youth in Gaza. They cannot continue to live without any type of hope.”

To watch the videos in full, see here, and here.

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