On January 13, 2022, Gisha filed a petition (Hebrew) on behalf of a Gaza resident whose application to travel to the West Bank with her three minor children to attend her brother’s wedding had been rejected by Israel. The application was refused four times, citing “security” reasons with no further explanation. The family had to postpone the wedding several times, in the hope that the decision would change.   

In the petition (Hebrew), Gisha argued Israel uses “security reasons” extensively to deny permit applications filed by Palestinians without providing reasoning. These arbitrary decisions force applicants to file court petitions and deprive them of the ability to defend themselves, due to the basis ofr the decision being concealed. Gisha further noted that even in cases where security grounds for refusal are seemingly present, the particular circumstances of the case should be considered. In the petitioner’s case, the application concerned attending her brother’s wedding and seeing family members whom she had not seen for seven years. Israel does not allow Gaza residents to visit relatives in the West Bank other than on rare occasions – attending a wedding or funeral of a first-degree relative or visiting a first-degree relative who is seriously ill.    

As is often the case, immediately after the petition was filed, the state notified the court the “security” block had been lifted and that the petitioner and her children would be issued a permit to travel for the wedding. At our request, once they exited Gaza, the petition was deleted (Hebrew).