Yesterday (23.6.2019), in preparation for the US-led economic workshop set to begin in Bahrain on Tuesday, the Trump administration published “Peace to Prosperity,” a document purportedly containing the economic component of the deal of the century.

The document does correctly note the Palestinian population’s need for improved civilian infrastructure, especially in Gaza, and for movement of people and goods between Gaza and the West Bank. What it does not include is any reference to the political dispute at the heart of the conflict: The occupation. In attempting to avoid mention of Israel’s responsibility for the situation, and circumvent the question of Palestinians’ rights, rather than just their needs, the US is again exposing itself as much less than an honest broker.

Discussions in Manama will once again revolve around planning and implementing mammoth projects costing an estimated 50 billion USD over the course of the coming decade, as detailed in the document. But if there were really any political will to improve the economy or invest in people, we wouldn’t need Bahrain. Here are just five examples of steps that Israel could have taken and could still take to stop impeding Gaza’s economy.