June 28, 2012. About a year ago, Gisha published a post describing the predicament of thousands of Palestinians who have been living in the West Bank for years, but fear being removed from their homes because the address registered in their ID cards is the Gaza Strip. We presented the story of Samir Abu Yusef who never strays too far from his Qalqiliya home so that he doesn’t get deported to the Gaza Strip. We noted that according to Israel’s figures, there are currently about 35,000 Palestinians in the same predicament. This number, 35,000, was based on figures provided by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) as part of a petition under the Freedom of Information Act filed by HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual in 2010.However, in a later petition filed by HaMoked, the state said that its previous estimate was wrong and that there were about 18,646 people who share Abu Yusef’s predicament. Though in its previous response (Hebrew), the state claimed that there were 34,681 Palestinians living in the West Bank with registered addresses in the Gaza Strip, it now claims that its previous estimate was only about 30,000 and that 11,809 should be subtracted from this figure: 7,919 individuals moved from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank before 2000 and should therefore not be considered “illegal aliens” and the addresses of 2,450 Palestinians who live in the West Bank has been changed since 2000 as part of a gesture by Netanyahu to the Palestinian Authority. The addresses of 1,440 accompanying minors have also been changed.