Chairperson of the Board

Kenneth Mann
Professor at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, where he directs the clinical program in legal assistance in the field of criminal law. Professor Mann served as Israel’s Chief Public Defender between 1996 and 2002 and was among the founders of Israel’s Public Defender’s Office. He has sat on a number of public committees addressing reforms in criminal procedure, sentencing, and police powers. His published work includes books and articles on international, criminal, and administrative law. Professor Mann runs a law firm that specializes in criminal and administrative law and serves on the board and reviewing board of the Israel Trauma Center for Victims of Terror and War. He holds a B.A., M.A., and J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD in Philosophy from Yale University.

Board Members

Iman Jabbour

Completed a B.A. in media and political science at Haifa University and an M.A. in political communication at Tel Aviv University. Prior to joining Gisha, Iman worked for years in the local press in both Arabic and Hebrew, and in the written and broadcast media. In the past, she also served as communication coordinator for Kayan – an Arab feminist organization. Iman has experience in media work for foreign channels and as a reporter in satellite Arab stations, as well as many years of experience in conducting research for local and foreign press. Iman worked as the director of the research department at Gisha from 2010 t0 2015.

Sari Bashi
Sari Bashi is the co-founder of Gisha. Ms. Bashi served as executive director of Gisha from its foundation in 2005 until April 2014. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree (summa cum laude) from Yale University and a Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School. Ms. Bashi clerked on the Israeli Supreme Court for Justice Edmond Levi and is a licensed attorney in Israel and New York.
She writes and lectures on international humanitarian law and Israeli policy toward Gaza. Ms. Bashi has received fellowships from Yale Law School and the Echoing Green Foundation for her work with Gisha and has taught international law at Tel Aviv University.
She is also a marathon and ultra-marathon runner and is the only woman to have completed a 216 kilometer race in Israel. Prior to studying law, Ms. Bashi worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press in Jerusalem and conducted research on ethnic identity among Ethiopian immigrants to Israel as part of a Fulbright Scholarship.
Eliav Lieblich
Eliav Lieblich is an associate professor at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. His fields of expertise are public international law, and in particular the laws on the use of force and humanitarian law in non-international conflicts, international human rights law and international organizations. Eliav completed his degree in law (LL.B) and Islamic and Middle Eastern studies (magna cum laude) at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel under Acting Justice David Cheshin. He then completed an LL.M (cum laude) at Columbia University, where he also obtained his JSD. Eliav was a recipient of the Norman E. Alexander Scholarship at Columbia, and has counseled governmental bodies and civil society organizations in his areas of expertise.
Aeyal Gross

Professor Aeyal Gross is a member of the Faculty in Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law.

He holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University (1990) and an S.J.D. from Harvard Law School (1996). In 1998 he was awarded the Diploma in Human Rights from the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, in Florence.

Professor Gross serves as a member of the Board of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel.

Prof. Gross also served as a research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London, as a Visiting Fellow at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies in South Africa, and as a Joseph Flom Global Health and Human Rights Fellow at Harvard Law School. Additionally he taught as a visitor in Columbia University and the University of Toronto. He also teaches as Visiting Reader at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the University of London.

Reviewing Board Members

Murad Saabana
Murad Saabana received an M.A. in business administration, specializing in finance, and a B.A. in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University. He is a certified accountant, currently managing a private company in the energy sector. Murad applies his extensive experience in marketing and advertising in working to promote business in the Arab sector. He is also an alumnus of the Mandel School for Educational Leadership, active in the field of educational and vocational mentorship, and regularly runs the Palestine Marathon in Bethlehem to raise awareness for freedom of movement.
Merav Bat-Gil
Merav Bat-Gil holds a BA in Political Science from the Open University in Israel and MA in International Cooperation and Development from the University of Florence, both focused on the post-colonial political development of East Africa. Merav specializes in organizational and resource development of civil society organizations promoting the rights of refugees, forced migrants and torture survivors.

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