Dear friends and colleagues,

In August, Israel launched another military assault on Gaza, leaving in its wake death and destruction. As with previous assaults, Gaza was momentarily thrown into the public spotlight.

When the dust settles and the rest of the world turns away, Gisha continues to act as a watchdog on Israel’s actions and challenge the war it wages constantly, in a different form, by advocating for the right to freedom of movement.

Over the last period, our sustained efforts have protected livelihoods, exposed the limitations of Israel’s post-war “gestures,” and reunited families.

Join us in promoting human rights beyond moments of crisis.

Protecting livelihoods

As a result of our efforts, Israel returned a fishing boat to its owner in Gaza after holding it for more than six months after an illegal seizure. In doing so, we restored the livelihoods and source of food security of seven families.

The state is requesting to confiscate the boat permanently in a complex legal proceeding being held in Haifa’s Maritime Court, where we, together with our partner Adalah, are challenging Israel’s authority to do so.

The struggle for the boat’s future continues as does our work to monitor Israel’s violent actions in Gaza’s sea-space, work that we are able to do thanks to the generous support of our partners.

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Exposing the limitations of “gestures”  

Addressing and analyzing Israel’s recent changes in policy related to Palestinian workers from Gaza, we published the policy brief At All Costs, which is based in part on a series of in-depth interviews with Palestinians from Gaza working in Israel.

The brief exposes how Israel’s supposed steps to alleviate dire economic conditions in the Strip are deeply limited within the context of closure, which continues to drive down living standards and hinder economic activity, and points to issues that must be addressed to protect Palestinians working in Israel.

Reuniting families  

We supported two siblings in reuniting after a woman’s applications to visit her sick brother in the West Bank were first rejected and later ignored by Israeli authorities. Following our petition, the application was approved, and she was reunited with her brother in the West Bank earlier this month.

The simple right to visit family is deeply disrupted for the thousands of families in Gaza who must navigate obstacles and restrictions to visit relatives living in the West Bank or in Israel, and vice versa. We continue to fight in and out of the courts to defend these rights.

When the spotlight fades from Gaza, we will continue to be there for Gaza’s residents. We will continue to expose the day-to-day impact of closure, hold Israel accountable for its violations of human rights, and advocate for change, ultimately striving for policies that espouse freedom.

However, this work is only made possible through the generous contributions of our partners. Stand with us in protecting human rights: contribute to our work today.

In gratitude,



Tania Hary

Gisha Executive Director