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Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words

April 10, 2016. Palestinian civil society organizations in Gaza, which operate in the space between government and the population, are strongly impacted by Israel’s separation policy. A new report published by Gisha, based on a series of meetings in Gaza with dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, shares the stories of the organizations and the challenges they face in their work as a result of the policy, as told in their own words. The report also gives a peek at the impressive work and tremendous potential of the third sector in Gaza. Continue reading

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Protective Edge: One year later – too little has changed

A year after Operation Protective Edge was launched, data collected by Gisha shows an alarming gap between the rhetoric about mobilizing for Gaza’s reconstruction and the harsh reality on the ground Continue reading

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Gisha’s five most popular blog posts of 2014

Throughout 2014, we contributed to the conversation on Gaza through reliable and up-to-date information, providing context about the situation in the broadest and most accurate way possible. A look at our five most popular blog posts of the year. Continue reading

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How and when the separation policy was conceived

A new essay reveals that the attempt to separate, or differentiate, between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank began well before the 2006 Palestinian Authority elections and before Hamas took over the Gaza Strip – eight years of a botched attempt to engineer Palestinian public opinion Continue reading

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Gisha, raining on the parade since 2005

The news releases put out by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) are always a paragon of optimistic writing and the latest is no exception. Unemployment is declining, export is on the rise. The optimism is contagious but only if you’re not very familiar with the data. Continue reading

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