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Groundhog Day in Gaza

In the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” the star finds himself in a time loop in which he wakes up again and again to find it’s the same day. Israel seems convinced that it, too, is in a time loop, in which it is destined to wake up again and again to find itself in a military operation in Gaza Continue reading

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(Re)-introducing the functional approach to occupation

The International Committee of the Red Cross has officially adopted the position known as “the functional approach” to the question of occupation. We’ll use it as an opportunity to re-examine the functional approach and explain how it’s connected to Israel’s policies in Gaza Continue reading

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Al-Haq’s Rejoinder to Gisha’s ‘Scale of Control’ Report: Israel’s Continued Responsibility as the Occupying Power in the Gaza Strip

In November 2011, the Israeli human rights organisation Gisha published the position paper ‘Scale of Control: Israel’s Continued Responsibility in the Gaza Strip.’ Readjusting its own previous assessment of the situation in the Gaza Strip after the 2005 unilateral ‘disengagement’1,  … Continue reading

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At Rosh HaShana dinner with a side of Gaza – hold the politics, please

My cousin’s mother-in-law is not the only person from whom I hear that “we left Gaza, and in return they fired missiles at us”. We hear that message from newspaper columnists, military commentators and others, as well as at the holiday dinner table. This narrative is based on an almost intuitive principle that control equals responsibility. Continue reading

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