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Catching the right wave

Young surfers are a rare sight on Gaza’s long and beautiful coastline. One American organization hopes to change that and is sending Ibrahim Arafat from Gaza all the way to Hawaii to receive training on opening and running a community center for surfing. Six months later, Israel allows the surfer to exit Gaza. Continue reading

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Three export tales

Burning furniture, dangerous potatoes and the run-away cherry tomatoes. Behind the fine print of the export from Gaza. Continue reading

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From Gaza with lulav

Ahead of the Jewish festival of Sukkot which begins this Wednesday, lulavs, palm fronds used in religious rituals of the holiday, are in big demand in Israel. A minor crisis arose therefore when Egypt announced that it will not be … Continue reading

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The defense minister goes green with a new recycling program in Gaza

To mark the month of Ramadan, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has approved a series of gestures toward Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. At first glance, these gestures appear to be good news, but further examination reveals that most of them … Continue reading

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