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Gaza’s sewage is overflowing

The ongoing electricity crisis in Gaza is impacting the coast, and not just in Gaza. Now, the fear is that what small efforts were made in recent years to make improvements to Gaza’s crumbling infrastructure may come to naught. Continue reading

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Hand on the Switch

A new report by Gisha takes an in-depth look at the grim state of Gaza’s electricity, water, sewage and communications infrastructure. The report describes how we got to this point and, for the first time, outlines and analyzes the responsibility shared among the various actors at play in the Gaza Strip today. Continue reading

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The closure didn’t stop the Gaza tunnels

Although Israel has been imposing restrictions on the entrance of construction materials to Gaza since 2007, tunnels were still built. How did this happen? Shattering an illusion. Continue reading

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Control of civilian infrastructure

Israel controls the supply of infrastructure upon which the Gaza Strip is reliant. Gaza’s electricity system, as developed since 1967, is largely based on power supplied from Israel through 11 high voltage transmission lines1.  A power station was built in … Continue reading

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The revolution is coming… one truckload at a time

A new package of measures for Gaza were announced this week by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Quartet Envoy Tony Blair. What do the measures mean in real terms for Palestinian residents of Gaza? Continue reading

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Gaza Behind the Lens

With the arrival of spring, we decided to present a selection of photographs taken during the past winter in Gaza. The winter brought with it terrible storms. Restrictions on the entry of supplies made it difficult for Gaza’s infrastructure to cope. Sewage was overflowing, houses were flooded and families were forced to live without heating- all of this became a normal part of life in Gaza during the last couple of… Continue reading

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A Storm in Gaza

The first storm of the winter hit Israel last week. Following a long period of drought, the plentiful downpour was greeted with joy, even though the stormy weather predictably caused flooding and damage. The rain and strong winds also hit Gaza, where residents found that they are particularly vulnerable in stormy weather. Continue reading

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