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The battle is not for national service spots, it is for the very foundation of democracy in Israel

Israeli media reported that the National Service Administration is set to take away national service volunteer spots from civil society organizations, including “Gisha”. This reveals a desire to silence legitimate criticism and to prevent public debate over matters of life and death Continue reading

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(Re)-introducing the functional approach to occupation

The International Committee of the Red Cross has officially adopted the position known as “the functional approach” to the question of occupation. We’ll use it as an opportunity to re-examine the functional approach and explain how it’s connected to Israel’s policies in Gaza Continue reading

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Top security officials admit Israel’s policy prevents economic growth in Gaza

Updates on the debate inside the security sector, the destruction of the Gaza-Egypt tunnels and the expansion of Kerem Shalom. Continue reading

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Why we didn't criticize the actions of the border police

For some reason, no one has asked us why we, as a human rights organization, did not speak out about the two border police officers who were filmed grabbing and kicking a Palestinian child in Hebron. We think a few words on this issue are in order. Continue reading

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