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The slipshod affair

Even before the Gaza flotilla and the incident involving the Marmara in May 2010, Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) had already suggested that the closure of the Gaza Strip be eased. There was no public debate then – what about now? Continue reading

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Petitioner #5

The court instructed the state to reconsider its refusal to allow four women students from Gaza to travel to their studies in the West Bank. What about petitioner #5? Continue reading

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If looks could kill

had a carnation for every time someone told me that “now that food gets in, things are ok in Gaza” and that the restrictions still in place post June 2010 “aren’t as ridiculous as those that were put on chocolate and children’s toys before then”, I could get out of the human rights business and go make a nice living selling carnations. Continue reading

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Ralph Nader claims Gaza is a Gulag. Is that useful?

Nader, who ran for president in the US several times, has written an error-laden op-ed. Does the hyperbole really help residents of Gaza? Continue reading

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Working for change, not just on Women's Day

Suhair Sakka, a senior official in the Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees in the Gaza Strip, is trying to help women in Gaza to enter the job market. This is no easy feat in a place with 30.3 percent unemployment, but the past two years have already seen the launch of many as five cooperatives run by women, and there are more to come. ‬ Continue reading

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How many trucks enter the Gaza Strip? Who cares?

The IDF Spokesperson always makes sure to report how many trucks enter the Gaza Strip from Israel, but he puts a little less emphasis on how many trucks leave, so we decided to do his job for him. Continue reading

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A Metro in Gaza?

Muhammad Abu Sal is a Palestinian artist who wants to turn Gaza’s tunnels into a metro system for the Strip. A few words about a man daring to envision a new Gaza. Continue reading

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Six more misconceptions about Gaza (the international edition)

In the last post, we attempted to delineate some of the common misconceptions or simplifications about Gaza, which, broadly speaking, are heard most often in Israel. This week, we’d like to list a few more that usually come at us from abroad. Continue reading

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Six common misconceptions about Gaza that are so 2011

The civilian closure has been lifted? Israel gives Gaza money, electricity and water? Six Common Misconceptions about Gaza Continue reading

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Christmas, take II

COGAT didn’t bother to post a separate update notifying about its decision to change the criteria but instead chose to quietly alter the original notice posted on its website, the one that reported the “easings” in the first place Continue reading

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