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Bennett is right: There is no siege on Gaza

On the same day that Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett says there is no siege on Gaza, senior officials in the Prime Minister’s Office say that lifting the Gaza closure is out of the question. We clarify the terminology. Continue reading

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What does the future hold?

For the past three and a half months, Israel has prevented the transfer of construction materials to Gaza’s private sector, causing harm to the economy. Here are three stories looking at how the ban has impacted people’s lives.
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"Unfortunately, the population will have to pay"

Following rising tensions on the Gaza-Israel border, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon discusses his decision to stop the sale of construction materials to the Gaza Strip. The population, he says, will have to pay the price. Continue reading

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Seven ways to avoid answering Freedom of Information applications

Every year, we send dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) applications to state bodies. The conclusions so far: state authorities are fabulously creative when they do not want to answer. Seven short examples follow. Continue reading

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That amazing thing called “running”

I am disappointed that Sanaa, Nader and their fellow runners did not run in Bethlehem yesterday, but I’m proud of the Israeli runners who supported their request. Continue reading

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Only exceptional humanitarian cases? Actually no, not really

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced late last week that he would not allow Gaza runners to participate in today’s marathon in Bethlehem. The reason? “Entry by residents of Gaza into Israel is only allowed in … Continue reading

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Chomsky's response

Noam Chomsky has written a response to the post we recently published on this blog. Here is what he wrote. Continue reading

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What we want from Noam Chomsky

An article published by Noam Chomsky about his visit to Gaza made a lot of the noise on the net. What’s the problem? The facts. Continue reading

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Gisha presents: Strawberries for sale

This week we are asking Israelis to devote two minutes of their day to a worthy cause. We know that many others are also asking for two minutes for a multitude of worthy causes, but trust us, these will be two minutes well spent. Each day we are asking people to send a letter to a different individual who can play a role in allowing sale of goods from Gaza in the West Bank. Continue reading

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Why we didn't criticize the actions of the border police

For some reason, no one has asked us why we, as a human rights organization, did not speak out about the two border police officers who were filmed grabbing and kicking a Palestinian child in Hebron. We think a few words on this issue are in order. Continue reading

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