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New law targets Gisha

A law that takes away one volunteer position in our organization will not seriously harm our work. The attempt at thought control and the undermining of our capacity as a society to discuss and debate critical life and death issues that affect the future of us all Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of the dentist?

Israeli authorities seized trucks transporting medical equipment into Gaza and refused to let the supplies enter the Strip. Why? Because of miniscule quantities of mercury contained in substances used to make dental fillings. Another small example of the endless absurdity called “the closure on Gaza.” Continue reading

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Groundhog Day in Gaza

In the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” the star finds himself in a time loop in which he wakes up again and again to find it’s the same day. Israel seems convinced that it, too, is in a time loop, in which it is destined to wake up again and again to find itself in a military operation in Gaza Continue reading

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Love in the time of closure

This Valentine’s Day we bring you three stories of love as experienced under closure. Continue reading

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Hand on the Switch

A new report by Gisha takes an in-depth look at the grim state of Gaza’s electricity, water, sewage and communications infrastructure. The report describes how we got to this point and, for the first time, outlines and analyzes the responsibility shared among the various actors at play in the Gaza Strip today. Continue reading

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What did the UN Security Council resolution leave out?

The divide created between the West Bank and Gaza is no coincidence. Rather, there is a political vision that seeks to fragment the Palestinian territory and thus undermines the rights dependent on access – the right to family life, to livelihood, to education and yes, also to self-determination. Continue reading

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Freedom of movement – a right I took for granted until…

Noam Rabinovich was drawn to reflect on her own experience when Gisha took on the case of R., a young woman of 16 from Gaza who was accepted to a United World College, but needed our intervention to get a travel permit to attend school Continue reading

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The battle is not for national service spots, it is for the very foundation of democracy in Israel

Israeli media reported that the National Service Administration is set to take away national service volunteer spots from civil society organizations, including “Gisha”. This reveals a desire to silence legitimate criticism and to prevent public debate over matters of life and death Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

After a long legal battle, COGAT was forced to translate documents to Arabic for the benefit of Palestinians, but produced meaningless texts Continue reading

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Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words

April 10, 2016. Palestinian civil society organizations in Gaza, which operate in the space between government and the population, are strongly impacted by Israel’s separation policy. A new report published by Gisha, based on a series of meetings in Gaza with dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, shares the stories of the organizations and the challenges they face in their work as a result of the policy, as told in their own words. The report also gives a peek at the impressive work and tremendous potential of the third sector in Gaza. Continue reading

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