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Muhi: Generally Temporary: Film review and Gisha’s footnotes

Documentaries aren’t meant to produce movie stars, but “Muhi: Generally Temporary,” a new documentary by photojournalists Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander and Tamir Elterman certainly does. Muhammad El Farrah, or as he’s known in the film, Muhi, is a young Palestinian boy from Gaza with a rare medical condition. Continue reading

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The dual use list finally gets published but it’s the opposite of useful

Following a prolonged legal battle, COGAT has finally published the “list of dual-use items.” Though this is a step in the right direction, the list itself continues to be highly problematic; the classification of thousands of items as dual-use greatly hinders economic development in Gaza. Continue reading

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Love in the time of closure

This Valentine’s Day we bring you three stories of love as experienced under closure. Continue reading

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Freedom of movement – a right I took for granted until…

Noam Rabinovich was drawn to reflect on her own experience when Gisha took on the case of R., a young woman of 16 from Gaza who was accepted to a United World College, but needed our intervention to get a travel permit to attend school Continue reading

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It’s Freedom of Information Week in Israel – What about at the Defense Ministry?

Seventeen years ago, the Knesset passed the Freedom of Information Act, obligating public authorities to be transparent in their operations. What seems self-evident is far from being a reality, especially when those who need the information are Palestinian Continue reading

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That amazing thing called “running”

I am disappointed that Sanaa, Nader and their fellow runners did not run in Bethlehem yesterday, but I’m proud of the Israeli runners who supported their request. Continue reading

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The separation policy: three analysts, three perspectives

The election of Muhammed Mursi to the Egyptian presidency has led analysts in Israel and abroad to reflect anew on Israel’s policy vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip. We have selected three examples Continue reading

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The race for freedom of movement

Tomorrow, I will run a 160 km (100 mile) “ultra-marathon”, the first 100 mile race to be held in Israel. For the people I meet through my work at Gisha, fulfilling the desire for freedom is also not an easy task. For them, the obstacles are not the limits of oxygen delivery or lactic acid threshold, but rather the obstacles stemming from our reality in this region of the world – a reality of restrictions on the ability to travel, with passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank almost completely blocked. Continue reading

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