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10 things that can be done to improve economic activity in Gaza

A new animated film by Gisha explores the impact of restrictions on freedom of movement on life in Gaza, particularly since 2007, through the story of Noor, an imaginary character, who encounters the owner of Al Awda, Tilbani, the Strip’s real-life Willy Wonka. Continue reading

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Fishing for answers about the dual-use list, coming up dry

Basic materials needed for construction and maintenance of fishing boats are included on the list of “dual-use” items banned from entering the Gaza Strip without a special permit. In practice, this allows Israel to deny Gaza’s fishing sector the items most essential for its survival. Continue reading

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Dangerous seas

Last Saturday, a fisherman was killed off the coast of the Gaza Strip and two more were injured by fire from an Israeli naval ship. Although the official permitted fishing zone in Gaza is six miles, the fishermen claim that they are being shot at a distance of only four miles off the coast. Continue reading

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Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 Summary

A year that began in the shadow of operation “Pillar of Defense” and saw tunnel activity stopped almost completely by Egypt – 2013 was not an easy one for Gaza’s residents. An info sheet. Continue reading

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Gaza 2013: Snapshot

What is the cause of the electricity shortage in Gaza? Why are medicines lacking? What’s the fishing zone limit? How close can one approach to the border fence? Access issues in Gaza today in seven parts. Continue reading

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The lost footnotes of COGAT’s latest report

A new report by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories is comprehensive, thorough and informative, but it tells only part of the story. Gisha conjures up the footnotes COGAT left out, which we hope will help convey a more nuanced picture of the situation. Continue reading

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Women breaking barriers

Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency recently published a report about two sisters from the Gaza Strip, aged 13 and 16, who went to work in the fishing industry to support their family following their father’s illness. The report drew much interest and was translated and published on several Arabic language websites. True, it is out of the ordinary for two girls in a conservative society to find themselves in a field, or sea, as it were, usually reserved for men, but considering the difficult situation in Gaza– 39.3% unemployment in the second quarter of 2010, with the number of people living in abject poverty rising in the last two years from 100,000 to 300,000 according to the UN Office… Continue reading

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Surf's Up

It’s become almost common knowledge that on any given day, anywhere from 40-50 million liters of untreated or partially treated sewage flow from Gaza’s sewage treatment plants into the Mediterranean Sea, and an additional 20 million liters seep into the ground, threatening other water sources. The treatment plants, due to crossings policies blocking supply of fuel and spare parts, intermittent electricity supply, and years of de-development, are struggling to treat 70 million liters of sewage produced by Gaza’s 1.5 million residents each day. Continue reading

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