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Gaza Fact Check: 10 myths for 10 years of disengagement

A decade ago, Israel removed its settlements and dismantled its last remaining military base inside the Gaza Strip. Since then, the myth-making about Israel’s policy in Gaza has thrived. How close are the myths to reality? Continue reading

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Physical control of the Gaza Strip

Following “disengagement” in 2005, Israel continued to control the area adjacent to its border with the Gaza Strip on the Palestinian side. In 2008, Israel expanded this area, referred to as the “no-go” zone, and today it covers a distance … Continue reading

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What have we learned from Gaza?

“But Israel did more than just make sweeping offers. We actually left territory. We withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and from every square inch of Gaza in 2005. That didn’t calm the Islamic storm, the militant Islamic storm that threatens … Continue reading

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