What you need to know when you read about Gaza

For the last few weeks, media reports citing different sources have pointed to Israel “easing” or loosening some of the restrictions it imposes on residents of the Gaza Strip as part of the Egyptian-brokered talks between Israel and Hamas. Measures … Continue reading

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The Great March of Return: One year later

March 30, Land Day, will mark one year since the first Great March of Return protests took place along the fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. In the passing year, the Israeli army has responded to protestors using live … Continue reading

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What’s COGAT’s excuse this time?

An olive oil producer from the Gaza Strip wants to sell his olive oil in the West Bank. It probably sounds like a pretty straightforward request, but all goods entering the West Bank require Israel’s approval and Israel rejected the … Continue reading

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Being a woman in Gaza

Over the past two years, I got to know dozens of extraordinary women from the Gaza Strip; entrepreneurial, creative, socially committed women who managed to build impressive careers despite the many difficulties and obstacles that life and the Israeli siege … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship under closure

Hanan Khashan, 29, works as a digital marketing consultant in the Gaza Strip. Hanan graduated university with a degree in computer science, and worked in the ICT sector for two years before switching to digital marketing, which is a field … Continue reading

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No due process

In July 2017, Abeer (not her real name), a Gaza resident who had just been accepted to an M.A. program in engineering and business at Edinburgh University, submitted an application to the Israeli authorities for a permit to exit the … Continue reading

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The honor of helping those who help

A few years ago, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) took to social media to boast about the annual visit of a delegation of medical specialists from the USA, which it had proudly let in to Gaza, … Continue reading

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Gaza farmers fear another season of herbicide spraying by Israel

It is once again that time of year when farmers who cultivate land near Gaza’s perimeter fence nervously glance up at the sky, tensing up at any sound of a motor. Twice a year, Israel sends planes to spray chemical … Continue reading

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A crack in the concrete ceiling

Majd Al Mashharawi, 24, is a young entrepreneur from the Gaza Strip. Among other innovations, she is the inventor of Green Cake, the environmentally friendly brick that can be used as an alternative to cement, which Israel limits from entering … Continue reading

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The kids ask: ‘Why do we suddenly have electricity?’

Fuel purchased with Qatari funding for Gaza’s only power plant has significantly increased Gaza’s power supply. After years of decreasing supply, much of the Gaza Strip now has electricity throughout the night. Continue reading

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