Teaching Gaza a Lesson

Picture this: its 7:15am, 40-60 children are crammed into a single classroom ready for a new day of learning. Many of them have no exercise books, textbooks or even pencils. This scene repeats itself at 12:15pm, when the “second shift” starts in the same classroom, at the same school, with the same overcrowding and the same shortages (no, this is not Israel in the 1950’s; this is the Gaza Strip in 2009). Continue reading

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Perhaps They Should Try Above-ground?

Yesterday’s Jerusalem Post reports that the IDF is sending a representative, Capt. Asher, to the US to learn from the US military about their methods battling tunnels on the US-Mexico border. Regarding Capt. Asher’s mission, an IDF officer offers this quote: “We have yet to find the perfect system, even though we have been searching for one for years.” Continue reading

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Historian Says Economic Embargo is the Wrong Strategy

In the JPost today Yagil Henkin – a military historian from the Shalem Center – argues that “it is very unlikely that sanctions will cause the Hamas government to fall,” as “comprehensive economic sanctions can backfire; they tend to consolidate … Continue reading

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