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Israel’s Disproportionate and Cynical ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’ on Gaza

In effect, this is a sweeping, disproportionate and cynical decision because it’s exploiting a plethora of circumstances to exacerbate a long-term policy that has branded Gaza a tainted territory, a penal colony, an isolated enclave. Continue reading

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Marking another holiday in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic

At first glance, it might seem like the coronavirus pandemic spared the Gaza Strip. With just 76 verified cases, one death, and no documented community spread, the Gaza Strip indeed might be considered lucky. It might even seem like the closure, enforced by Israel and Egypt, which normally strangles the population, has for once been advantageous. Schools stayed shuttered after closing in March like much of the rest of the world, but the beaches and restaurants are now open, and families and others can gather for the holiday. Continue reading

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Ramadan in the days of social distancing

Every year, about ten days before the holy month of Ramadan commences, the entrance and front windows of the Istanbul Café in Gaza, situated along the beach promenade, are adorned with festive decorations. This year, two days before the month … Continue reading

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Gaza teaches us about isolation

Over the coming days and weeks, Jews, Christians and Muslims will be marking Passover, Easter and Ramadan respectively. Holidays that are traditionally celebrated over elaborate meals with several generations around the table, will be marked in social isolation as the … Continue reading

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“Only women will solve this”

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day. At Gisha, we have the privilege of being in contact with women living in the Gaza Strip – from high-tech entrepreneurs to business owners, mothers, farmers and herders, and civil society activists. Over … Continue reading

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Gisha’s statement on the Middle East Peace Plan

The “peace plan” presented in Washington D.C. aims to make permanent a reality of fragmentation, isolation and division in the occupied Palestinian territory. Further entrenching the dispossession of Palestinians and perpetuating the occupation are a recipe for ongoing conflict, not … Continue reading

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From Gaza with Lulav, part 2

Ahead of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, several Israeli media outlets reported that tens of thousands of lulav holders (made of palm leaves and used in Jewish liturgy) produced in Gaza were cleared for exit from the Strip via Kerem … Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship under closure

Hanan Khashan, 29, works as a digital marketing consultant in the Gaza Strip. Hanan graduated university with a degree in computer science, and worked in the ICT sector for two years before switching to digital marketing, which is a field … Continue reading

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10 things that can be done to improve economic activity in Gaza

A new animated film by Gisha explores the impact of restrictions on freedom of movement on life in Gaza, particularly since 2007, through the story of Noor, an imaginary character, who encounters the owner of Al Awda, Tilbani, the Strip’s real-life Willy Wonka. Continue reading

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Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words

April 10, 2016. Palestinian civil society organizations in Gaza, which operate in the space between government and the population, are strongly impacted by Israel’s separation policy. A new report published by Gisha, based on a series of meetings in Gaza with dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, shares the stories of the organizations and the challenges they face in their work as a result of the policy, as told in their own words. The report also gives a peek at the impressive work and tremendous potential of the third sector in Gaza. Continue reading

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