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Gisha’s five most popular blog posts of 2014

Throughout 2014, we contributed to the conversation on Gaza through reliable and up-to-date information, providing context about the situation in the broadest and most accurate way possible. A look at our five most popular blog posts of the year. Continue reading

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The public’s right to know

The slow drip of information on possible changes to Gaza access policy are a reminder that we, the people of Gaza and Israel, who were under fire for 50 days, know very little about what our leaders are up to. Don’t we have a right to know what was agreed upon in Cairo that brought Operation Protective Edge to an end, and what about the other things that are up for discussion at the negotiating table? Continue reading

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Gaza’s future: 15 facts that can’t be ignored

IsraeIi Minister of Transportation Israel Katz fantasizes about completely separating Israel and the West Bank from Gaza and he’s not alone. But reality bites and some things can’t just be wished away. Continue reading

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What you need to know about Gaza

Gaza is in the news again and everyone seems to have an opinion though very few seem to know the facts. Regardless of your viewpoint, analysis and conclusions, here are some important things to know. Continue reading

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Wait, so when do we shoot?

How close to the fence can Palestinians from Gaza get before their lives are put at risk? It looks like even the IDF spokesperson isn’t quite sure. Continue reading

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Gaza Access and Movement: 2013 Summary

A year that began in the shadow of operation “Pillar of Defense” and saw tunnel activity stopped almost completely by Egypt – 2013 was not an easy one for Gaza’s residents. An info sheet. Continue reading

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Bennett is right: There is no siege on Gaza

On the same day that Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett says there is no siege on Gaza, senior officials in the Prime Minister’s Office say that lifting the Gaza closure is out of the question. We clarify the terminology. Continue reading

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Seven ways to avoid answering Freedom of Information applications

Every year, we send dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) applications to state bodies. The conclusions so far: state authorities are fabulously creative when they do not want to answer. Seven short examples follow. Continue reading

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Gaza 2013: Snapshot

What is the cause of the electricity shortage in Gaza? Why are medicines lacking? What’s the fishing zone limit? How close can one approach to the border fence? Access issues in Gaza today in seven parts. Continue reading

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How and when the separation policy was conceived

A new essay reveals that the attempt to separate, or differentiate, between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank began well before the 2006 Palestinian Authority elections and before Hamas took over the Gaza Strip – eight years of a botched attempt to engineer Palestinian public opinion Continue reading

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