A crack in the concrete ceiling

Majd Al Mashharawi giving her TED-talk at TEDWomen 2018 in Palm Springs.

Majd Al Mashharawi, 24, is a young entrepreneur from the Gaza Strip. Among other innovations, she is the inventor of Green Cake, the environmentally friendly brick that can be used as an alternative to cement, which Israel limits from entering Gaza. She also recently developed Sun Box, a company that manufactures small-scale solar power devices for home use. Both her inventions are already in use and gaining in popularity in the Strip.

Last week, with the assistance of Gisha, Majd was able to exit the Strip to travel to the United States, in order to speak at the TEDWomen 2018 conference in Palm Springs, California.

In Gaza, women like Majd Al Mashharawi, who break through the glass ceilings of their society and hold immense potential for ground-breaking innovation, are blocked by the concrete ceiling of the closure enforced by Israel, as well as by restrictive criteria for travel from Gaza via Egypt. Despite the seemingly impossible obstacles she faces, Majd continues to accomplish remarkable goals. We’re amazed by her courage and glad we were able to help her fulfill this dream.

The closure of Gaza by design leads to human rights violations, but women are particularly susceptible to the repercussions of limitations imposed by Israel on the movement of people and goods to and from the Strip.

To read more about the impact of the closure on women in the Gaza Strip, see “Dreams Deferred.”

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