Who’s talking about Gaza?

Some political parties (like Netzach, for example) have no website and it’s hard to know what exactly they stand for or want to achieve. Other parties (Likud Beiteinu is a striking example) have no party platform at all. In any case, it’s rare to find mention of Gaza anywhere this election. Some parties’ platforms include no reference to the Israeli-Palestinian issue whatsoever (take for example Tzedek Hevrati); other platforms contain brief, non-committal statements about it (Aleh Yarok for instance). Among the parties that do address the Palestinian issue, most don’t talk about Gaza (The Labor, for example) and others do so indirectly (like Hatnua). So what parties do talk about Gaza explicitly in their party platforms? So far we only counted three: Habayit Hayehudi, Yesh AtidMeretz, Hadash and Kadima*.

Gaza’s almost complete absence from the current election campaign is particularly striking considering the fact that, at least according to the media, Egypt, Israel and Hamas are in the midst of negotiating potentially far-reaching changes to policy vis-à-vis the Strip. All we can do is guess what the candidates, and the government, really think about this issue.

*There were a few errors in this paragraph (for example we wrote that Habayit Hayehudi doesn’t mention Gaza) that have now been corrected.

Who's Talking About Gaza (graphics: Ayelet Raziel)

Who's Talking About Gaza (graphics: Ayelet Raziel)

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