Gaza youth fire (words) in all directions

About three weeks ago, quietly and with no advertising, a new Facebook group opened, called “Gaza Youth Breaks Out”, featuring their “Gaza’s youth manifesto for change”, a brave, frank and direct call for human rights, freedom, normal life and peace. Before we could say “end the closure of Gaza” the group already had 8,365 “likes”. Calls of support appeared on the group’s page from Canada, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, England, the Netherlands and even Kashmir, India.

As the Guardian reports, The Gaza youths behind the group and the manifesto — five men and three women — refuse to identify themselves by name out of fear for their lives. They are students, secular, and say they are not identified with any political party.

From the group's Facebook page

From the group's Facebook page

Life in Gaza is not easy for anyone, but young people have their own particular concerns, troubles and frustrations: the ban on leaving the Gaza Strip to study in the West Bank, unemployment, the lack of employment opportunities, and what the young people refer to as persecution by the government.

It appears that the manifesto reverberated throughout the world not only because of its call for human rights, freedom and peace, but mainly because the young people behind it translated their rage and frustration into poignant, direct language that makes no attempt to be polite or apologetic. Behind the curse words and the crude language lies profound anguish. Hamas, Israel, Fatah, the UN, the US — no one is spared the young people’s sharp language. They do not want to hear any more nice words and promises. They want to shout until they are heard: “We say stop! This is not the future we want! We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We want peace. Is that too much to ask?”

To read the full manifesto, click here.

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