Image Gallery: Tires barred from entering Gaza for 19 months and counting
In April 2018, Israel barred entrance of tires to Gaza in a sweeping and punitive response to burning of tires at demonstrations. The acute shortage has a ripple effect with far-reaching impact on Gaza’s economy, as well as putting people in greater risk of injury and death. In photos: The Abu Elba and Dogmush tire shops in Gaza, by Asmaa Elkhaldi
Video Gallery: If Only – Young Palestinians in Gaza on What Freedom of Movement Means to Them
To mark International Human Rights Day, Gisha is proud to release “If Only,” a new clip exploring what freedom of movement means to young people in Gaza. Recently, 23-year-old photographer Asmaa Elkhaldi and Mohammed Azaiza, Gisha’s field coordinator in the Strip, took to Gaza’s streets and asked young men and women what freedom of movement means to them, what they would do if they had it, and what life in Gaza might look like without severe access restrictions. In the clip, people share their take on freedom of movement and on what is needed to create change for Gaza and the region as a whole.
Image Gallery: Small Businesses, Big Dreams
People in Gaza are engaged in entrepreneurship in a variety of fields, despite myriad challenges. The small businesses they run create jobs, drive economic activity and allow women and men to realize their dreams and professional ambitions. Photos by Asmaa Elkhaldi
Updates: Collective punishment continues
February 18, 2020. Israel continues to collectively punish Gaza residents. On Saturday, COGAT again announced that “civilian measures” that it had planned to implement were cancelled as punishment for rocket fire launched from the Strip.