“This is profound, unnecessary, unemployment”
February 6, 2014. in an interview on Razi Barkai’s radio show “Ma Boer”, Gisha Executive Director Adv. Sari Bashi, talked about the construction material shortage in Gaza: “The impact is immense. So far, 20,000 out of 70,000 people employed in the construction sector have lost their jobs”. Read More »

No construction, no jobs No construction, no jobs
January 28, 2014. It’s been three and a half months since the Israeli Ministry of Defense banned the sale of construction materials to the private sector in Gaza. Despite the considerable impact on the lives of Gaza’s residents, it’s unclear how long the ban will continue. Read More »

How is Israel controlling Gaza?
January 8, 2013. Gisha Executive Director Adv. Sari Bashi published an article discussing Israel's control over the Gaza Strip in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Ethics of Human Rights. Read More »


Moments before the lights go out Moments before the lights go out
December 26, 2013. If Kerem Shalom Crossing isn’t reopened, Gaza’s power plant will be shut down •Security official: closure of the crossing – a message to Hamas • Some construction materials enter for UNRWA and UNDP. Read More »

“Democracy is tested in times of crisis”
December 26, 2013. Gisha’s executive director, Adv. Sari Bashi, research director, Iman Jabbour, and intake coordinator, Shadi Butthish, were interviewed for the Social Hour, a radio show on Israel Broadcasting Authority Reshet Bet. Read More »

Export from Gaza: Much too little Export from Gaza: Much too little
December 12, 2013. Limited agricultural export from Gaza to Europe begins – 35 trucks in November and December (up to the 9th) • The WHO warns against further deterioration in Gaza • Israel allows miniscule quantities of construction materials into the Gaza Strip. Read More »

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