A punishment instead of a solution A punishment instead of a solution
April 5, 2016. The decision to ban the private sector in Gaza from bringing in cement to Gaza constitutes collective punishment of individuals who have nothing to do with alleged violations of the protocols of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) Read More »

One-way ticket from Gaza? One-way ticket from Gaza?
March 13, 2016. Israel announced it would allow residents of Gaza to travel abroad, but on condition they sign a pledge not to return to Gaza for at least a year Read More »

An inch at a time An inch at a time
February 11, 2016. After years of objecting, Israel increases the permissible height of goods stacked on trucks carrying agricultural goods out of Gaza Read More »


Untargeted destruction Untargeted destruction
December 29, 2015. Army admits to spraying herbicides in Gaza’s “buffer zone”. Farmers say the effects sometimes reach up to 500 meters from the fence Read More »

No Remedy No Remedy
26 November, 2015. Palestinian Civil Affairs Committee strikes in protest of Israel’s decision to limit entry of medical patients to Israel for treatment Read More »

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