Residency Rights


Separation of Families due to the Separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
May 2010. The policy of separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank creates an almost impermeable barrier between the two areas, preventing routine contacts between members of extended families as well as violating the integrity of nuclear families, separating couples and keeping parents apart from their children. (Read More »)

FAQs: Family unification between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
May 2010. Gisha explains what prevents residents of the Gaza Strip from moving to the West Bank for family reunification, describes the strict criteria for such travel and explains that the travel ban is not due to concrete security threats posed by the family members. (Read More »)

Legal framework: Family Separation – Rights and Obligations under International and Israeli Law
May 2010.This position paper examines the Israeli military legislation that separates members of Palestinian families divided between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and presents Israel’s obligations in this context under international law and the Oslo agreements. (Read More »)

Frequently Asked Questions: The Threat of Deportation from the West Bank and the New Order on the Prevention of Infiltration
On April 13, 2010. a new military order went into effect in the West Bank as an amendment to an existing order on “prevention of infiltration”. The following document answers questions on the meaning of the order, as far as can be understood from its language, from the procedures that preceded its amendment and from various statements by Israeli officials. (Read More »)

Restrictions and Removal: Israel’s double bind policy for Palestinians holders of Gaza IDs in the West Bank, November 2009
November 2009. Beginning in approximately 2003, Israel began to prohibit Palestinians whose registered address is in Gaza from being in the West Bank – even if they had been living in the West Bank for years. Thousands of Palestinians, whose registered address is in Gaza, live in hiding in the West Bank, and the unlucky ones are caught and removed to Gaza (Read More »)

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