Family Unity


Separating land, separating people
June, 2015. A new position paper by Gisha analyzes what Israel calls the “separation policy”, in the context of control over the Palestinian territory (Read More »)

Infographics: Exiting from Gaza for weddings and funerals in Israel and the West Bank
December 2014. Exit from Gaza is not possible other than in exceptional cases. One such exception: exit by first-degree relatives and their children to attend a wedding or funeral. (Read More »)

New short film by Gisha: “Gaza, Tel Aviv, Gaza”
April, 2014. “Gaza, Tel Aviv, Gaza”, a short film created for Gisha by Itamar Rose, places ordinary Israelis in the roles of those enforcing the criteria on travel from Gaza. (Read More »)

Survey summary: Family ties between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
September 2013. A survey of the family ties between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Israel conducted at Gisha’s request reveals that approximately 26% of Gaza’s residents have relatives in the West Bank. (Read More »)

A position paper by Gisha: Creeping Punishment
5 May, 2013. A position paper by Gisha looks at access restrictions imposed in recent months following rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel: what is the impact of the closures on residents of Gaza? What do Israeli farmers and security officials think about it? (Read More »)

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