Family Unity


Infographics: Exiting from Gaza for weddings and funerals in Israel and the West Bank
December 2014. Exit from Gaza is not possible other than in exceptional cases. One such exception: exit by first-degree relatives and their children to attend a wedding or funeral. (Read More »)

New short film by Gisha: “Gaza, Tel Aviv, Gaza”
April, 2014. “Gaza, Tel Aviv, Gaza”, a short film created for Gisha by Itamar Rose, places ordinary Israelis in the roles of those enforcing the criteria on travel from Gaza. (Read More »)

Survey summary: Family ties between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
September 2013. A survey of the family ties between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and Israel conducted at Gisha’s request reveals that approximately 26% of Gaza’s residents have relatives in the West Bank. (Read More »)

A position paper by Gisha: Creeping Punishment
5 May, 2013. A position paper by Gisha looks at access restrictions imposed in recent months following rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel: what is the impact of the closures on residents of Gaza? What do Israeli farmers and security officials think about it? (Read More »)

Separation of Families due to the Separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
May 2010. The policy of separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank creates an almost impermeable barrier between the two areas, preventing routine contacts between members of extended families as well as violating the integrity of nuclear families, separating couples and keeping parents apart from their children. (Read More »)

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