Control over Gaza


The Gaza Cheat Sheet – Real Data on the Gaza Closure
October, 2015. In this information sheet you will find concise answers to questions such as: What is the economic situation in Gaza today? Is there a lack of food in Gaza? What are the restrictions currently imposed on the movement of people and goods into and out of the Strip? The Gaza Cheat Sheet is updated regularly. (Read More »)

Where’s the housing boom?
August 2015. A year after Operation Protective Edge, the reconstruction from the ground up of the first totally destroyed home, of thousands like it, just began. What took so long? (Read More »)

Separating land, separating people
June, 2015. A new position paper by Gisha analyzes what Israel calls the “separation policy”, in the context of control over the Palestinian territory (Read More »)

Frequently Asked Questions: New Gaza Construction Material Procedure
October 2014. Last month, Israel announced a new procedure for allowing construction materials into Gaza. Gisha responds. (Read More »)

Turning a new page: The end of the civilian closure and the possibilities it offers
August 2014. Alongside the need to rehabilitate the Strip, an opportunity has been created for fundamental change that will facilitate respect for basic rights and prosperity and security for Palestinians and Israelis. (Read More »)

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