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Separating land, separating people
June, 2015. A new position paper by Gisha analyzes what Israel calls the “separation policy”, in the context of control over the Palestinian territory (Read More »)

Student travel between Gaza and the West Bank 101
September 2012. Gisha believes that Palestinian students have a right to study in the Palestinian universities established for their benefit, in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel should lift the 12-year old ban on student travel from Gaza and instead adopt a policy that reflects its obligations and long-term interests, as well as its security concerns. (Read More »)

Unraveling the closure of Gaza: What has and hasn’t changed since the Cabinet decision and what are the implications?
July 2010. On June 20, 2010 Israel’s Security Cabinet issued a plan to facilitate access for civilian goods entering Gaza and expand economic activity. In this position paper, Gisha assesses the cabinet’s plan and the situation on the ground in Gaza in the weeks following the cabinet decision. (Read More »)

The Impact of the Separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on Higher Education
May 2010. The separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank contributes to the stagnation of the higher education system in the Gaza Strip, prevents young Gaza residents from fulfilling their ambitions for personal and professional development, and undermines their hope to contribute to the development of a prosperous and healthy society in the Strip. (Read More »)

FAQs: Movement of students from Gaza to the West Bank
May 2010. Gisha describes the higher education system in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, explains why students from Gaza admitted to West Bank universities cannot attend their studies and explains that the travel ban is not because of concrete security threats posed by the students. (Read More »)

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