Frequently Asked Questions: The Threat of Deportation from the West Bank and the New Order on the Prevention of Infiltration
On April 13, 2010. a new military order went into effect in the West Bank as an amendment to an existing order on “prevention of infiltration”. The following document answers questions on the meaning of the order, as far as can be understood from its language, from the procedures that preceded its amendment and from various statements by Israeli officials. Read More »


Red Lines Crossed: Destruction of Gaza’s Infrastructure
August 2009. This report describes how Israel’s closure policies brought critical humanitarian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip to a state of collapse in a gradual process: the weakening of infrastructure prior to the military operation; its bombing during the incursion; and the hindrance of efforts to properly repair it since then. Read More »

Obstacle Course: Students Denied Exit from Gaza
July 2009. Since June 2008, Israel has required that students who comply with its rigid screening criteria may only leave Gaza if escorted by a diplomatic envoy from the time they exit Gaza via the Erez Border Crossing, throughout their journey across Israel and the West Bank, and until they reach the Allenby Bridge border crossing into Jordan. Read More »

Rafah Crossing: Who holds the keys?
March 2009. A comprehensive study by Gisha and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel examining which parties are responsible for the closure of the Rafah Crossing as well as the ensuing rights violation that stem from the closure. The report presents the positions of the various parties involved, describes the degree to which they exercise control over Rafah and analyzes their legal responsibility. Read More »

Summary – Rafah Crossing: Who holds the keys?
March 2009. An abstract of a comprehensive report by Gisha and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel analyzing the various parties’ degree of control and responsibility for the Rafah Crossing and setting out recommendations to allow for the opening of the crossing. Read More »


Frequently Asked Questions: Students trapped in Gaza
November 2008. The following document seeks to answer questions and common misperceptions about the situation of Palestinian students who are residents of the Gaza Strip and have been prevented from leaving in order to reach universities abroad by the policy of closure. Read More »

Presentation: Students Still Trapped in Gaza
July 2008. Hundreds of young Palestinian men and women are trapped in the Gaza Strip, prevented from pursuing academic studies abroad. This PowerPoint presentation describes the Israeli policies that perpetuate this situation. Read More »

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