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Reducing the volume of electricity supplied by Israel to Gaza is a red line that cannot be crossed
Released Thursday, April 27, 2017 Read More »

Gisha hosted by Human Rights Film Festival in Tel Aviv Cinematheque: Life in Gaza – 10 years of closure
Wednesday, April 26, 2017: On Saturday, May 6, at 5:00 PM, the Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival, Solidarity, will host Gisha for a special evening marking 50 years since the occupation of Gaza, and a decade of Israeli-imposed closure on the Strip. Read More »

Israeli planes spray crops inside Gaza for second time this week, fourth this year
Since late 2015, Gisha has reported at least six incidents of herbicide spraying by Israeli planes, four of them this year, near the perimeter fence, damaging hundreds of acres Read More »

The passage to Erez Crossing must be opened immediately
Gisha strongly condemns restrictions on movement imposed by the Hamas authorities in Gaza. The obstruction of access this week comes on top of severe restrictions imposed by Israeli authorities for upwards of a decade. Gisha also calls to remove the prohibition on fishing. Read More »

Israel upping the pressure on Gaza residents: Drastic drop in exits via Erez Crossing, particularly of traders
March 16, 2017 Read More »

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